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Tips On Choosing A Stylist For Your Human Hair Extensions

SO you have decided to have that new sexy head of hair NOW. You need to choose a stylist you can trust to achieve the best results for your lifestyle, hair type and desired results.

As in many things you get what you pay for, human hair extensions can cost up to $5000, and take many hours(I have heard 9 hours) to put in.  There will be maintenance trips to the salon every 6 weeks or so to ensure the extension is still good.

Once you have decided  that you are going to go to a salon to get your human hair extensions there are a few things to consider in choosing the best stylist.
Firstly to find a salon, research your local area, ask for recommendations from people you know, the best way to find a good stylist who knows what they are doing and give you a large degree of confidence is finding someone who has had a good experience.  This will also help you with any comments they have about the whole process. Does the salon have experience in hair extensions? What kind of extensions have they put in before. What different attachment methods do they use.
hair-extension-chairAs a general rule always choose a salon and stylist who has experience with the kind of hair extensions you are looking for.
The stylist should always make an assessment of your hair  to see if it is suitable for hair extensions  and talk to you about your lifestyle and may have valuable comments to make of things you haven’t considered. If you are considering extensions to help with hair loss they may be able to advise you on hair growth products that may help. If you have an active sporty lifestyle then hair extensions may take up more time to look after than you are prepared to invest. Hair extension will not last as long with the more frequent washing required in an active lifestyle.

The stylist should discuss the various types of hair that can be used and recommend the most appropriate for your lifestyle. They should also talk to you about the different attachment methods. Are you looking for a temporary extension then one method will be suggested, for more long term extensions then a different method may be suggested.  It is likely that a stylist will specialise in one method of attachment – find out which ones your stylist has experience in.

Hair extension lifetime and care should also be talked about. Depending upon the type of hair extensions used the time they will last in your hair will vary. Human hair extension properly attached with regularly maintenance checks can last up to 6 months. Care of hair extensions is very important – proper care will increase the life of them. The biggest threats to human hair extensions is heat, heat from hair driers, hair treatments, washing and life. The attachment method will determine the maintenance schedule that will be required. Hair extensions can become loose with normal hair care(brushing and washing), so approximately every 6 weeks a visit to the salon will be recommended to tight any loose attachments. This will keep your hair style looking great.

The best way to get the best out of your human hair extensions is to find a stylist that you trust.