How To Avoid Damage When Getting Human Hair Extensions

There are horror stories from our friends about the damage hair extensions can do, and how they hurt to have put in.

Common problems with hair extensions

  1. When having the extension sewn in, the stylist pulls your hair too tight – this can result in pain at the attachment point and will last until your hair has grown out enough to provide some slack between the extension and the scalp.
  2. Some attachment methods require the use of glue to attach the extension to you hair strands. These types of hair extension are removed by using acetone. Acetone will dry your hair out – not good for healthy looking hair.
  3. The hair extension is not a good colour match for your own hair.
  4. Extensions fall out - that can leave your hair looking a mess.
  5. The hair extension becomes matted and tangled and impossible to style.
  6. The care required is more than you were prepared for.

There are ways to avoid most of these issues

  1. Ensure that you have thoroughly checked out the stylist’s experience and tell them as they are attaching the hair that it is too tight – be insistent if you have to – you will have to live with the pain.
  2. Check out the different types of attachment and be happy with the effects of the one you have chosen on your own hair. Be informed.
  3. Make sure you trust your stylist and examine the human hair extension, comparing it to your natural colour before going ahead.
  4. Regular maintenance trips to the salon will help prevent this from happening,. The stylist will tighten up the loose attachments before they become and issue.
  5. This is mostly due to the type of hair chosen – synthetic hair will tend to become unmanageable more quickly than human hair. The type of care you give the hair extension may also contribute to this problem. The hair extension will survive better if it is kept away from heat and washed approximately every 2-3 days to help prevent it drying out and becoming tangly.
  6. Make sure you consult with an experienced stylist who will explain the care requirements before you commit to having hair extensions put in.

If you follow these guidelines you will have beautiful thick hair in the style of your choice, lasting the best length of time. Enjoy.