Why Human Hair Extensions?

Do you have thin, or short hair and you want thick or long hair? Then human hair extensions  are the way to go. It is becoming more common for people to use hair extensions to quickly change their hair style. So if you want long hair instantly whilst you wait for your own hair to grow, just to have sexy full bodied thick  hair, to change your style overnight and temporarily. Look into human hair extensions.

Once you have decided to change your style, the next question is what type of hair extension to have.

There are three types of hair extension

- human hair,

-synthetic hair

- a mixture of the two

Human hair is literally that, hair from somebody else, it will have the same characteristics as natural grown hair. Synthetic hair is man made and usually doesn’t sit the way natural hair does. A mixture combines both sorts of hair.

Human hair is the best option because you can treat it like your own hair. It is 100% natural, real hair. It can be washed, coloured, permed or straightened. The hair is sourced in Asia, Europe or Russia from girls that grow long hair and sell it. Human hair extensions can be colour matched to your own hair, A good stylist will also take into account any highlights in your hair to choose the best match.  Human hair will hang more naturally then synthetic hair, it will also be less noticeable as an extension when your hair gets wet for example. Human hair extensions can last up to 6 months if cared for properly. They require conditioning care to keep them from drying out and becoming brittle. These kinds of hair extensions are usually applied through a salon, and can take many hours to attach properly.

Synthetic hair does not move the way natural hair does, it looks and feels different. It gets easily tangled especially when wet, making it problematic to care for in permanent hair extension styles.

Within human hair there are different grades to consider. If you picked up cut hair from the floor, it would be a matted mess. The best human hair is carefully cut to maintain the hair in the growing direction( all hair aligned from root to tip). This will help to keep the hair hanging naturally. A hair strand consists of a number of layers of cells,the outer layer is called the cuticle, the cells of the cuticle are like roof tiles overlapping. If the cuticle is intact the hair will last longer and look keep more of it’s moisture.  Often the cuticle is damaged in chemical processing, which leaves the hair brittle. A good stylist will ensure that the hair extension is aligned with your own hair cuticle direction. This is why the best human hair extensions are so expensive.