Methods of Attaching Human Hair Extensions

There  are a number of way of attaching hair extensions to your hair.  First consider what form the human hair extension is i.e are you having the hair extended strand by strand or a weft. Strand by strand  means taking a a strand of your hair and attaching(using one of the methods listed below) a strand of extension. A weft is a section of hair already joined together, that can be sewn or taped onto your hair ( cheaper than strand by strand and good for giving you instant length).

The most common attachment methods are

Weaving -  is usually done in a salon and the stylist sections the hair to create a row, on the row some strands of  your hair are selected and an extension is sewn (using a needle) onto the strand, close to the scalp. This can be uncomfortable as your hair strand is pulled tight to properly attach the extension. Generally preferred as there are no chemicals involved. May need to be regularly tightened by the stylist.

Bonding – this where the extension is attached to your hair strand by a glue or chemical, close to the root. Glue remover can remove most extensions.

Fusion – can be warm or cold fusion, fusion loops or  link and lock fusion. This is where pre tipped extension hair strands are coated with an adhesive that “fuses” with your hair when treated with a special gun. The extension can also be attached using a special ring that is tighten around your hair and the extension to keep them together. These are usually applied in a salon and may require to be tightened or removed by the stylist.

Clip-ons – usually the easiest to attach and remove. the extension is clipped into the hair close to the scalp. Clip ons are generally made of cheaper hair and do need to be removed prior to washing etc.

Things to consider about attachment methods. Do you looking for  a temporary or permanent style change. A permanent change  generally means a visit to the salon to get the human hair extensions attached and maintenance visits to look after them properly.   The extensions also need to be carefully treated to maintain good looks, washing hair less regularly, and using a good conditioning shampoo.A permanent style change can be done at home, the extensions removed when not required and reused as needed.